Hello i'm nadia i'm from gaza before 3 days someone threw a grenade to a IDF soldier, my brother (he is 6) was near the soldier and this soldier saved my brother's life! The Hamas is killing us, stop hating israel, they're saving us from hamas! سلام


Omg, this is your ask?

Can you be any more obvious? Look, I understand you need to earn that paycheck, but this is way too flagrant.

Tip: First of all, nobody other than westerners and Israelis say “The Hamas”. You will not find a single Palestinian that says “The Hamas”.

Second of all, your story needs work. Not convincing in the slightest, rework your plot line, the climax was also lackluster.

Third, did you really think this would work? Like seriously? When you came up with the weaksauce ask, did you seriously think to yourself “damn this is a great ass story”?

How stupid do you think people are?

Go think about your life. No, I’m serious. Ask yourself, if your cause was  true, would you need to make up lies about it?

"Over his five decades in the Palestinian Fatah movement, Abbas (or Abu Mazen, as he’s popularly known) had grown accustomed to staking out positions on Israel that put him in the minority. He pushed secret talks with Israelis in the 1970s, advocated recognizing Israel and forswearing violence in the 1980s, and questioned the wisdom of the second intifada in the 2000s. Elected president of the Palestinian Authority in 2005 following Yasir Arafat’s death, Abbas had campaigned on creating a Palestinian state through negotiations. But over and over, outside factors got in the way. A 2006 Hamas election victory and 2007 Gaza coup left Abbas in control of just the West Bank, and 2008 talks with Israel were short-circuited by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s corruption indictment and Netanyahu’s subsequent election. As of 2013, Abbas’s proudest achievement was the U.N.’s recognition of Palestine as a “non-member observer state”—a status with no practical significance. As one senior Palestinian official put it, “It’s bullshit, and we know it’s bullshit.”

What do we tell the children?


What do we tell the children? #parenting #war

What do we tell them?

What do we tell the children of Gaza as the tears stream down their faces, leaving tracks in the layer of dust that settled on their cheeks after bombs turned their homes into craters?

What do we say to the terrified children of Syria, where the innocent years have been smothered in bombs and blood?

What words are there for the lost and desperate children of the American…

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The people who stayed in masjed AlAqsa to protect it from Zionist forces…


i just saw some tweets of a girl from Gaza and it broke my heart in million pieces. It even made me cry. This world is so unfair, i hate it. And the worst part is that most of the people fucking ignore this genocide.


Gaza is not the most beautiful of cities.

Her coast is not bluer than those of other Arab cities.

Her oranges are not the best in the Mediterranean.

Gaza is not the richest of cities.

(Fish and oranges and sand and tents forsaken by the winds, smuggled goods and hands for hire.)

And Gaza is not the most polished of cities, or the largest. But she is equivalent to the history of a nation, because she is the most repulsive among us in the eyes of the enemy – the poorest, the most desperate, and the most ferocious. Because she is a nightmare. Because she is oranges that explode, children without a childhood, aged men without an old age, and women without desire. Because she is all that, she is the most beautiful among us, the purest, the richest, and most worthy of love.

We are unfair to her when we search for her poems. Let us not disfigure the beauty of Gaza. The most beautiful thing in her is that she is free of poetry at a time when the rest of us tried to gain victory with poems. We believed ourselves and rejoiced when we saw that the enemy had left us alone to sing our songs while we left victory for him. When we dried the poems from our lips we saw that the enemy had already built entire cities, forts, and highways.

It would be unfair to turn Gaza into a legend because we will end up hating her when we discover she is nothing more than a small, poor city that resists. And when we ask, “What has made her into a legend?” we will have to break our mirrors and cry if we have any dignity, or curse her if we refused to rebel against ourselves.

It would be unfair to Gaza to glorify her because our fascination will make us wait for her. But Gaza will not come to us. Gaza will not liberate us. Gaza does not have horses, or jet fighters, or magic wands, or offices in capitals. Gaza frees herself of our attributes, our language, and of her conquerors all at once. And when we run into her, once upon a dream, she may not recognize us because she was born of fire while we were born of waiting and crying over our homes.

-mahmoud darwish, SILENCE FOR THE SAKE OF GAZA

from journal of an ordinary grief (2010), translation by ibrahim muhawi


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Comment: fernando_rees said “#Gaza #FreeGaza #GazaUnderAttack #PrayForGaza #Palestine #Palestinians #FreePalestine #HumanRights #Israel #Zionism #War #Peace #Ummah #Resistance #Islam #Muslim #Quran #Allah #Quote #Ramadan #Freedom #Brasil #Brazil #Brazilian #Genocide #Palestina #Dua #Salam #Wisdom #فلسطين”  


Comment: fernando_rees said “#Gaza #FreeGaza #GazaUnderAttack #PrayForGaza #Palestine #Palestinians #FreePalestine #HumanRights #Israel #Zionism #War #Peace #Ummah #Resistance #Islam #Muslim #Quran #Allah #Quote #Ramadan #Freedom #Brasil #Brazil #Brazilian #Genocide #Palestina #Dua #Salam #Wisdom #فلسطين”